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Arbitration takes place when a dispute is submitted to an arbitrator who makes a legally binding decision on the dispute. Both parties appoint the arbitrator, and if it is a bench of three judges, both parties appoint one arbitrator who then chooses the third one. UAE is home to some of the most famous and renowned arbitration centres globally, such as the Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIFC), the Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre and the DIFC- LCIA Arbitration centre. The free zones have their own independent jurisdiction based on the English Common Law model. Arbitration is a private and efficient dispute resolution method, especially in a multicultural business hub such as the UAE. Corporations and individuals coming from a range of jurisdictions can resolve disputes efficiently through the arbitration process. Our arbitration services include both Institutional and Ad hoc arbitration methods.
Institutional Arbitration
Institutional arbitration is the process whereby a specialised institution administers the arbitration process. The Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) and the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) are two important arbitration institutions. Although arbitration provides a binding verdict on a case, most institutions scrutinise the draft before it is finalised to prevent the risk of mistakes.
The contract between two parties often contains an arbitration clause that determines the institution that will act as the arbitration administrator. We work with the best arbitration consultants who can represent you in all aspects of the arbitration process.
Ad hoc Arbitration
Within Ad hoc Arbitration an institution does not administer the process, but both parties together determine the aspects of the arbitration themselves such as the number of arbitrators, appointing the arbitrators and the applicable law.
Ad hoc arbitration is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective method of arbitration. A law firm for arbitration is equipped at organising and administering the arbitration process can assist you in negotiating the rules and establishing the procedures so they address your needs. Our team will represent you through every step of the way.
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