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We assist local and global corporations, entrepreneurs, startups, and joint ventures in all banking matters. Corporate banking is a complex and fast-evolving sector. Our team at LegalWorks can provide you with pragmatic and efficient banking legal services. We assist in compliance with banking regulations during corporate transactions, structuring and managing financial arrangements, asset-based lending and real estate finance.
The UAE has two types of banking structures: commercial banks and Islamic banks. The Federal Law No. 10 and No. 8 outline the duties, activities, and relationships of both banks. Our team will work with you to understand your commercial needs and provide tailored services. Our legal services for banking include performing due diligence, guarantee compliance, and ensuring that transactions and agreements adhere to all the required rules and regulations across multiple jurisdictions. We also assist corporations in all legal issues surrounding the UAE banking sector to prevent the risk of violations. We work with the top banking lawyers in Dubai who continuously monitor changing trends in the banking sector so that they can advise the clients accordingly and prevent future setbacks.
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