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We always adopt a child-centred approach and can guide you towards the best possible solution.

This is one of the most sensitive issues during the divorce process. We ensure that the child custody advice and assistance we provide is centred around the child and puts their well-being as the priority. We understand that every family has different needs. What may work for one family may not necessarily be equally beneficial for another; therefore we provide the best child support attorneys who ensure that all solutions are innovative and effective.
UAE Personal Law treats child custody and guardianship differently. Usually, custody is granted to the mother, and guardianship goes to the father. However, this is subject to change, depending on the court’s decision. We provide consultation and guidance so that you are well aware of your rights in terms of child custody and guardianship in case of divorce. The custody rights are also subject to change based on the child’s age and mother’s religion. In case you wish to follow the law of your home country, we will take you through the legal process of obtaining custody. We provide you with comprehensive legal advice for child custody and can represent you in custody disputes as well.
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