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Free zones are unique economic zones set up by the government of UAE to promote business activity and encourage new investors and entrepreneurs to set up their companies in the region. Each free zone is an independent regulatory body that creates its own rules based on which it manages its companies. A unique aspect of business setup in Dubai free zone is that each one specializes in a particular business activity therefore, entrepreneurs and business persons are surrounded by the best state of the art infrastructure needed for them to grow their company. For example Dubai Internet city specializes in e-commerce, while Dubai South free zone is dedicated to aviation and real estate.

To ensure that free zones act as centres of business activity, the government has introduced numerous policies to encourage free zone company setup. The most prominent one of which is the option of 100% foreign ownership and reparation of profits. Furthermore, free zones companies have relatively low formation costs and significant tax cuts for business, including no corporate or income tax. The main downside of free zone company formation in UAE is that it cannot conduct its activity outside the free zone area with special permission. This restriction can be limiting for those who wish to expand their business. However, it is undoubtedly an excellent option for new company formation, freelancers and entrepreneurs who are setting up their new business.

With over 30 free zones to choose from in Dubai alone, each with its own rules and regulations, forming a company can be a daunting experience. Our team of experts at legalworks can help you choose the right free zone for your business and assist in the incorporation process. Each free zone offers numerous license types, and has a different registration process. While some of these procedures can be lengthy, obtaining the appropriate legal advice will facilitate the process. We will assist you with the application process, preparation of documents, external approvals, document attestation and the payment processes.

We work with our clients closely to deliver a service that is tailored to their individual needs. Our experienced team can guide you through all the steps of free zone business set up in UAE.

Why Choose Free Zone

Easy, accessible, and well connected location


Advanced infrastructure built to facilitate industrial activity


Advanced infrastructure built to facilitate industrial activity


Allows 100% foreign recruitment


Corporate and income tax exemptions


A range of office solutions such as offices, executive offices and warehouses available

Type of licenses for Free zone company formation

Commercial License - Allows the import, export, and distribution of goods

Service License - Allows companies to provide services as their primary activity.

Industrial License - Is required for the manufacturing and production of goods.

Pioneers license - Established for young professionals who are starting out

E commerce - Required for electronic commercial activity

Types of business structures

Free Zone Company

Can have multiple shareholder who are liable to the extent of their share Branch
Minimum share capital of AED 150,000


Branch of a local or foreign company
Same business activity as the parent company

Free zone Establishment

Can have a single shareholder
Free zone company setup in 3 easy steps

At LegalWorks we will assist you in every step of the Free zone company formation process from the documentation collection to payment of registration and license fees. We hope to make the entire process easy and straightforward for you.

1.Choose your business structure

The first step in forming your company is determining business license and structure. Our team of specialists will take you step by step through these initial procedures of the incorporation process. We will assist you in determining the license you require according to your business activity and the company structure best suited to your needs. Once this is decided we will help you select and register the company tradename with the free zone authority.

2. Submit your online application

Once you have completed the initial procedures, the license registration process for company set up can begin, and the required documents submitted. The documents needed for the license include Memorandum and Articles of Association, certificate of incorporation, Emirates ID, and passport copies. Companies must also pay a license registration fee that is dependent on the type of company being set up.

3. Payment and collection of license

Our team will assist you in the payment of the license fees. The cost of obtaining a license in free zone starts from AED 13,000 for a year. Once the payment is processed you will receive your license and can begin running your business.

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