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Employment law consultants in Dubai can advise nationals and expatriates alike over labour law related matters. Employees have considerable rights granted to them by the UAE Federal Law No. 8 and Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation. Knowing these rights and when there can be a breach allows employees to protect their interests. For example, employers must provide workers with adequate protection against working hazards and are required to compensate their workers for employment-related injuries. Similarly, a woman is entitled to 45 days paid maternity leave according to Article 30 of the Law.
Our team can explain to you your rights as employees and the legal implications for breech. We take great care to understand your situation and provide comprehensive employment law advice to you related to issues such as working hours, leaves and vacations, protection against discrimination, and termination. We ensure that the employment legal consulting we provide leaves you informed regarding your rights and privileges under the UAE Labour Law.
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