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Our team of experts take great care to understand your business requirements and provide tailored contract drafting and review services.

Commercial contracts are legally binding documents, within which one or both parties lay down the rules and procedures of commercial activity. In the UAE, the Civil Code determines all aspects of a commercial contract, including the legalities and essential features that the contract must contain. Commercial contracts legal advisors ensure that they advise companies on all the legal and practical requirements of commercial contracts as per the law.
Our team will work with you to understand your business objectives, so we can provide you with a unique contract that works well for you. We work with the best commercial contract lawyers in Dubai who ensure that the contract they draft meets all the fundamental requirements such as the price and payment. They are sure to include the indemnities, warranties, and limitations on liability in the contracts they draft so that the client is protected. The contracts also contain the required confidentiality clauses and protection for a company’s intellectual property. Commercial contract lawyers are skilled in drafting a number of contracts including joint venture agreements, franchise agreements, partnership agreements and settlement agreements.
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