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A tenancy agreement is one of the most crucial documents between a landlord and a tenant. It highlights the rights and duties of both parties. Tenancy contracts can be for both residential and commercial properties. A residential contract is for leasing property such as apartments and townhouses. It is paid on a quarterly or monthly basis and is for a short period of time. On the other hand, a commercial contract is for corporations and is leased for a longer-term compared to residential property. Landlords are advised to avail rent agreement drafting services as any tenancy contract must contain certain key components that include the tenant’s names, a termination clause, an additional occupancy clause and a detailed description of the rental property and all the areas accessible to the tenants. Our agreement writing services also include the duration of the tenancy contract. Matters such as the amount of rent, when it must be paid, and the method of payment are also included. A comprehensive agreement may even contain clauses detailing the course of action if payment has not been made. The amount of security deposit to be paid and its use must also be clearly stated within the contract. Repairs and maintenance are also an essential part of the renting process and result in disputes if they are not clearly mentioned. Therefore, it is important for contracts to contain a clause that details how, when, and who repairs the rental property.
By availing rent contract drafting services with LegalWorks, you can rest assured that these aspects of the contract will be taken care of and your interests will be protected.
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