Dubai Airport Free Zone

About Dubai Airport Free Zone

Located in the very heart of global trade Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) is situated right next to the world’s busiest airport. It provides investors with a strategic location that directly connects the Middle East, Europe, and India. Established in 1996, DAFZA is home to almost 1600 companies belonging to a wide range of activities including trade, aviation, IT, engineering, and pharmaceuticals. Company formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone provides businesses with a friendly environment, state of the art infrastructure and favorable laws to help them expand.

Why choose Dubai Airport Free Zone

Strategic location right next to Dubai Airport providing easy access to trade facilities

Includes all necessary infrastructure for a range of business activities such as a dedicated logistics centre that can handle extensive cargo

Smart services platform that provides easy access to all administrative services

100% foreign ownership and repatriation of capital

Corporate, income, and VAT tax exemptions

A range of property options and office solutions including retail outlets, warehouses, and plots of lands (make this specific)

No currency and employment restrictions

Quick and easy access to a number of government facilities such as customs and immigration

Type of licenses for DAFZA company formation

General Trading – Type of licenses for DAFZA company formation

Trading – Allows the import, export, and distribution of specific products

Services – Suitable for service-related businesses

Industrial – Is required for the manufacturing and production of goods

E-commerce – This license is required for trading and provision of services online

Dual license with DED – This is a special type of license. It allows DAFZA registered companies to apply for DED license so they can conduct business operations outside of the free zone.

Type of business structure

Free zone Limited Liability Company

  • Number of shareholder between 2-50
  • Minimum share capital AED 1000 per shareholder

Free zone Establishment (FZE)

  • Single shareholder


  • Branch of a local or foreign company
  • 100% owned by the parent company
  • Name and business activity same as the parent company

DAFZA company set up in 3 easy steps

At LegalWorks we will assist you in every step of the DAFZA company registration process from the documentation collection for initial approval to payment of registration and license fees. We hope to make the entire process easy and straightforward for you

1. Apply for initial approval

Our team of specialists will take you step by step through the setup process. DAFZA provides investors with a range of license options and business structures to choose from. We will assist you in determining the type of license according to your business activity and the company structure best suited to your needs. Once this is determined our team will help you select and register the company tradename.

2. Submit your online application

Once the initial incorporation process has been completed the license registration process for DAFZA company formation can begin and the required documents submitted. To obtain a license companies need to submit both application related documents and legal documents. The required documents vary slightly with the type of company being formed however, LegalWorks can help you in the collection and submission of the documents. A general list of documents includes Memorandum and Articles of Association, a comprehensive business plan, Emirates ID, and NOC from residency visa sponsor.

3. Payment and collection of license

Our team will assist you in the payment license fees. The cost of a license is determined by its type. Once the payment is processed you will receive your license and can begin running your business

Post licensing

Once you have received your license you can begin the visa process and rent an office space for your newly formed company. DAFZA offers multiple office solutions to companies. The types of working spaces include offices, retail spaces and industrial units that are designed expressly to facilitate the business activities that DAFZA promotes.  Companies with a standard office space are eligible for 2 employment visas. The minimum space for a standard office is 50 sqm which costs AED 98,000 per year. The minimum space for a warehouse t is 340 sq.m which costs AED 600 per sq.m. Our team can take you through all office options available and help you choose the right one for your company and number of employees.

Type of office Smart office Standard office Premium office  Warehouse
space 6.65 sqm 50 sqm 27 sqm 340 sqm
cost  AED 16625 / year AED 98,437 / year  AED 54000 / year AED 600/ sqm

Cost of DAFZA company set up

Team up with LegalWorks for Dubai Airport free zone company formation and avail the best that DAFZA has to offer.

Registration fee for FZCo AED 7000
License cost  AED 15000
Establishment card  AED 2000
Employee visa (outside of UAE)  AED 2,696
Employee visa (inside UAE)  AED 4,196
Knowledge Fees + Innovation Fees AED 60

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