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UAE is home to a growing number of companies. It is the economic and commercial hub of the Middle East. Companies in the UAE ranging from large scale multi nationals to SMEs are involved in regular financial activity and transactions. To facilitate business activity within the country the UAE has a comprehensive list of financial laws such as the Federal Law No. 8, 9 and 26. These laws govern financial transactions, banking, handling investments and loan issuance.

The financial sector is an essential part of every company’s day to day governance. This sector is also under frequent regulatory scrutiny due to financial crimes and frauds. We at LegalWorks understand the difficulty of keeping up with these regulations, therefore, we offer a range of services that will cover all your financial needs.  We provide financial services to our local and international clients. We work with renown financial law firms in the UAE to ensure that you are represented. Our financial services for businesses include;

  1. Banking Assistance
  2. Liquidation
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Financial Fraud

We assist our clients in corporate banking, including compliance with banking regulations and performing due diligence. Our team can also represent your company during the difficult process of liquidation and bankruptcy. In case of financial crimes or frauds, Mainland companies can refer their case to the Ministry of Finance as well as the Courts. For free zone companies, financial crimes can be resolved by the free zone authority itself. Dubai has a free zone dedicated towards promoting  trade and investment. Dubai International Financial Centre, has its own judicial system that also handles financial crimes and fraud cases. The financial lawyers we work with provide comprehensive and pragmatic advisory services on all financial matters so that you are protected.

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