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Franchising is the process whereby the owner of a business grants another the right to conduct business activity by using their products. The agreement is crucial as it establishes rights, duties, and terms of a franchising operation. It is important to avail franchise agreement drafting services to ensure that it meets all the essential elements stated by law. These include the rights and obligations of the parties, marketing and intellectual property rights and a termination clause. The rights and obligations section is the foundational section of the agreement and determines the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. This part covers the day-to-day operational aspects of the franchisee. The agreement must also contain a clause to protect the company’s brand image and intellectual property. It also highlights all possible ways the franchisee can use the company’s trademark, patent, and signage. Lastly, the franchise agreement must also contain a clause for termination and include post-termination covenants. We work with the best law firm for franchise drafting services and will ensure that all important aspects of the agreement are accounted for, and your franchise agreement is tailored to your needs.
We ensure that the franchising lawyers we work with include factors such as the training or support that the franchisor will provide, the number of royalties, advertising, and resale rights if any that the franchisee may have in the agreement.
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