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Franchising is the process whereby the owner of a business grants another the right to conduct business activity by using their products. The Federal Law No. 18 – ‘Organization of Commercial Agencies’, governs all aspects regarding franchises, distributorships, commission arrangements, dealerships, and other forms of sales representative relationships. For a franchise agreement to be registered, it must be a UAE national or an entity wholly owned by UAE nationals, the agreement must be notarised, and the franchisee must have exclusive access to the product. A franchise business lawyer can guide you through the process and the kind of franchise best suited to your company needs. Our franchising legal services allow clients to set up two kinds of franchises, a single unit franchise within which the franchisee can market the products of the franchisors through a single space. The second type is a multi-unit franchise within which the franchisee can sell or distribute the franchisor’s products and services from multiple spaces but is owned by a single company.
The franchising lawyers in Dubai we work with can advise you on all aspects of opening a franchise in the UAE. They can assist in determining the structure of franchise transactions, drafting and reviewing franchise agreements as well as submitting the required documents.
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