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Commercial property disputes can be a stressful process for all parties involved. These disputes can be related to tenant contracts, lease agreements, construction process, and conflicts between investors, developers, and contractors. Property dispute lawyers assist in registering a complaint with the Dubai Land Department in case of a dispute. The department will then carry out an initial arbitration process to settle the dispute between both parties. If the matter cannot be resolved within 15 days of the arbitration process, it is referred to the court who must decide on the issue within 30 days.
We work with the best real estate dispute lawyers in Dubai who are equipped at handling all property-related cases. We aim to resolve all property disputes quickly and efficiently. We can guide you through all aspects of the dispute and assist you on the best course of action that represents your interests. Should alternate dispute resolution options like arbitration and mediation fail, we ensure that the property dispute solicitors we provide are fully capable and experienced to represent you in court.
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