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At LegalWorks we support our clients during criminal cases and provide the best criminal lawyers in Dubai. The UAE Penal Code sets forth the rules and regulations that prescribe individuals on how to conduct themselves and is greatly influenced by the Sharia Law. The Penal Code also divides crimes into three categories

  1. Contraventions – This is a violation or infringement of the law but is not considered to be a criminal offense. It usually receives a civil penalty. The punishment of contraventions is detainment for minimum twenty four hours and maximum ten days and a fine that must not exceed AED 1000.
  2. Misdemeanours – They are criminal acts that are of a lower severity. The punishment of misdemeanors is less severe than felonies. The punishment for misdemeanors is confinement, a fine that does not exceed AED 1000 and payment of blood money or Diyat. Misdemeanors are handled by the court of first instance and consist of one judge.
  3. Felonies – This type of crime is regarded as a serious criminal offense and usually has severe consequences. The punishment for felones is payment of blood money or Diyat, temporary imprisonment, life imprisonment and death penalty. Due to the seriousness of the crime, the court of first instance for felonies comprises a three judge bench.

After a criminal offence has been committed the victim must file a complaint at the police station. The police then takes a statement from the accused and refers the case to the public prosecution centre where a judicial authority reviews the case and determines if a criminal offence has taken place. In case it is discovered that an offense has taken place the prosecutors refer the case to the UAE criminal courts.

The court comprises of three stages:

  1. The Court of First Instance
  2. The Court of Appeal
  3. The Cassation court (final appeal court)

At LegalWorks, we work with the best criminal lawyers in Dubai who provide strategic assistance to represent their client’s interests effectively. Criminal charges can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate, thus choosing the right criminal lawyers is vital. Our team of experts provide comprehensive and pragmatic criminal law services on a range of criminal law cases. We are equipped to assist our clients through arrest and detention procedures, negotiating settlements, and providing support during criminal trials and investigations. Our team can provide a range of criminal law services in Dubai for all kinds of lawsuits, including defamation, theft, violation of freedom, property theft as well as crimes related to drugs, alcohol, and traffic violations.

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