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The real estate sector in Dubai has seen a steady growth in recent years. Due to the growing number of expatriates in the country and economic growth, the buying and selling of property has increased. Furthermore, due to increased commercial activities a large number of the population is demanding rental properties. This requires a mature and comprehensive real estate law and capable real estate attorneys. The government has introduced numerous legislation in recent years. Each emirate in the UAE has its own regulations regarding property transactions, registrations and disputes.

Property in the UAE can be divided into

  1. Freehold – Owner has complete control and ownership of the property including the land it is built on.
  2. Leasehold – This type of property has limited rights and does not grant complete ownership. However, it can be leased for 99 years.

We provide legal expertise to foreigners and locals alike on all aspects of UAE Real Estate Law. We ensure that all your real estate related matters are settled quickly and effectively. Dubai is a thriving market for buying and renting real estate property. Our list of services for property and real estate law include


Property Transactions


Property Gift


Title Deed Registration




Handling Property Disputes

The real estate lawyers we provide can guide you regarding the intricacies of carrying out property transactions as well as prepare and review contracts. We assist in sale and purchase agreements, reviewing and drafting contracts and ensuring compliance with the regulations of all land authorities. We also assist in all residential property-related disputes. We can facilitate mediation of conflicts through the Dubai Land Department; however, are fully equipped to represent you in Court if needed.

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