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Liquidation is when a company comes to an end, and its assets are distributed to the claimants. Usually, a company goes through this process when it has become insolvent and aims to end its business operations. Liquidation is a difficult process for businesses. A law firm for liquidation can make the process easy and straightforward for companies. Liquidation lawyers can help companies set up the liquidation process. The first step is to prepare a resolution for dissolution that must be attested by the notary public and appoint a liquidator. Companies must also submit a list of documents to the relevant authority and obtain clearance from numerous government departments. An initial set of documents, including the license copy, MOA, and shareholders resolution, must be submitted to the Department of Economic Development along with the initial payment. The Department then issues a primary liquidation certificate to the company. Companies must then publish a notice of liquidation advertisement in a public newspaper for a certain period of time. During this period, they obtain clearance from many departments and government authorities and close their companies’ bank account.
We work with the best liquidation lawyers in Dubai who are well versed in assisting all kinds of companies through the process. We help in reviewing documents, drafting the audit report and liquidation statement. We ensure that the process is straightforward and hassle-free for you.
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