Mainland Activities

Mainland Activities

Mainland companies can apply for three types of licenses: commercial, industrial, and professional. Each type of license allows companies to conduct specific activities.

  • Commercial license: This license is for companies involved in trading. It involves import and export of goods as well as all marketing activities. A general list of activities covered in this license include


Activity Description
Insurance company Providing financial protection services to individuals and companies
Hospitality Includes hotels, foods, and beverage activities such as restaurants
Rental service Include renting of cars and other vehicles
Fitness Includes services such as gyms and personal trainers
Real Estate services Assisting in the buying, selling and renting of real estate property
Clothing retailer Involves buying and selling of clothes
Entertainment and event management These services include public and private event management and other entertainment activities such as cinemas and theme parks
  • Industrial license: This license is required for all business activities that involve the production and manufacture of goods. A general list of activities that can be conducted with this license include


Activity Description
Food manufacturing Involves the production and packaging of foodstuffs
Garments manufacturing This activity involves manufacturing clothes  
Automobile manufacturing Includes the development and production of a wide range of vehicles such as cars and trucks
Manufacturing furniture The license can be used for furniture manufacturing businesses
Pharmaceutical Industry Involves the manufacturing and production of medical equipment and market drugs
  • Professional license: This license is needed for business activities that provide professional skills-based services. The types of business conducted under this license include
Activity Description
Business consultancy Provide management services to companies to help them improve their performance and activities
Lawyers and legal advisors Provide legal assistance and advice regarding the legal rules and procedures of a country
Health and medical services Include doctors and nurses who provide medical services
Education providers Teachers and academics providing educational training
Beauty salons For providing spa, beauty, and makeup services

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