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Marriage is an exciting prospect for most people. Preparing for marriage requires careful planning regarding the legalities of the process. UAE’s Personal Status Law covers all marriage related aspects. Although the Personal Law is based on the Sharia and regulates marriage between Muslims, UAE offers multiple marriage options for foreigners and expatriates. It provides them with the choice of marrying according to the regulations of their home country. We provide our clients with the best marriage lawyers in Dubai who are well versed in the marriage procedures of several jurisdictions.
We ensure that the marriage legal consultants provide advice on all marriage related matters so that you are fully aware of your rights and duties. We can help you register and collect all premarital documents, including submission of visa and a screening certificate issued by the Health Authority. The legal requirements of marriage are different when one or both parties are non- Muslim. Our team will take you through all additional requirements and paperwork. We also provide Power of Attorney service for marriage.
We are a leading family law firm provider in Dubai. Allow us to handle all legal aspects of the marriage procedure so that you can devote your time planning for the occasion.
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