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Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process that is non-binding to the point of agreement. UAE has a long history of mediation as a process of dispute resolution The Mediation Centre Law provides the guidelines for all aspects of the mediation process including the duties and obligations of conciliators, work procedures, termination of mediation and conciliation proceeding. A law firm for mediation specializes in both types of mediations conducted in the UAE, compulsory in which both parties are required by law to undergo a mediation process and voluntary. The law further states the criteria based on which a case may be eligible for mediation such as civil or commercial disputes not exceeding AED 500,000 or lawsuits that do not have the government as a third party. The UAE court system has multiple committees and centres facilitating mediation for a range of disputes, including commercial, settlement, family, and rental disputes.
By availing our mediation services in Dubai our clients can resolve disputes quickly and cost-efficiently. The process is also confidential; therefore, any documents used during the process cannot be used as evidence against either party should the mediation fail and other dispute resolution processes are used. Moreover, agreeing to be involved in the mediation process does not make it binding for either party to reach a settlement. These factors make the mediation process a preferable method of dispute resolution. The mediation lawyers we provide are well trained in the mediation process and can facilitate timely and effective dispute resolution.
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