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A merger involves the consolidation of a company’s ownership and management structure. Mergers are difficult corporate procedures that require careful planning and legal compliance. Expert merger legal advisors in Dubai can guide you regarding the entire process. A Merger happens when two companies combine their business operations to create a new organisation. Mergers can help reduce a company’s operational costs and increase revenues. It allows a company to expand into new markets. Mergers of onshore companies are governed according to the Commercial Companies Act, while mergers of free zone companies are regulated according to the respective free zone’s corporate financial laws. A merger can be conducted in two ways. Either a new company can be formed after the dissolution of the previous companies or the consolidation of two companies can take place in a way that they both retain their management structure.
LegalWorks is your one-stop for all corporate legal services. Our experts can assist you from the start to end of the merger process. We will take you through the planning, resolution, and implementation phase. We provide pragmatic and strategic merger legal services to ensure that your business interests are protected.
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