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MOA drafting services

Our experts can draft corporate documents such as the memorandum of association.

MOA is an important legal document that is drafted at the time of company incorporation. An MOA details the duties, rules, and powers of the company’s shareholders as well as the company’s purpose and business processes. The drafting of all legal documents including the MOA must comply with the Commercial Companies Act, which states the essential features that a company’s MOA must contain including the names and domicile of all the partners, the tradename, address and business objectives as well as the share capital and individual shares of all partners.
The MOA is a mandatory document for most businesses and is required during the incorporation process. We provide expert legal drafting services in Dubai and ensure that your MOA document complies with the Commercial Companies Act’s requirements and is comprehensive enough to meet all your business needs. At LegalWorks, we ensure that the legal drafting services we provide are comprehensive so that you can work on expanding your business.
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