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Partnership agreements are the essence of corporate transactions. We at LegalWorks make sure that your interests are represented in the partnership agreements we draft

A partnership agreement is a legally binding contract that sets the terms and conditions for the relationship between two parties. Partnership agreements are an important part of both public and private enterprises and allow businesses to structure their relations according to their specific needs. Our partnership legal services include all the key features, such as the name of the partnership and contributions that each partner will make in the business. These contributions must be detailed and include features such as the method and type of contribution and the ownership percentage of each party. Our partnership agreement drafting services also include the allocation of profits, losses and draws. The extent of authority and management duties that each partner has must be clearly stated in the agreement to prevent any disputes or confusion later on. Lastly, agreements must also cater to the future of the company. They must include clauses that deal with matters of admitting new partners, removing partners and handling disputes amongst partners so that everything can function smoothly if such an incident occurs. Our partnership document drafting services are designed to create a comprehensive partnership agreement that fits your business needs and is adaptable.
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