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High-quality patent drafting allows companies to make the most of their inventions

A patent gives the owner exclusive rights to manufacture, use, and sell an invention for a specific time period. Drafting a patent is the most critical aspect of earning a patent grant. It is essential that a patent fulfils all necessary legal requirements therefore, it is prudent to work with a law firm for patent drafting and registering. We provide comprehensive patent legal services that will ensure your interests are protected, and your patent is secure from the risk of infringements. The Ministry of Economy registers patents under the Intellectual Property Protection Department. The patent must meet specific criteria such as novelty and industrial applicability for it to be registered. Foreign applicants must perform the registration process through an Emirati patent attorney. The steps to apply for a patent include submitting an application and relevant documents, including a description of the patent, claims, PCT documents, and Emirates ID. The ICPR then examines the application to ensure it meets all the necessary requirements.
We work with the best patent lawyers in Dubai who will take you through the eligibility and registration process, including submitting the patent documents and payment of fees. Our aim is to make sure that your invention is protected and secure.
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