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Power of Attorney for Property Sale and Purchase

At LegalWorks, we offer our clients a range of services for handling property transactions.

A power of attorney gives an individual the authority to conduct transactions on another person’s behalf. Having a Power of Attorney to sell and purchase property allows individuals to carry out complex property transactions without being physically present in the country. There are mainly two types of Power of Attorney for property sale and purchase in the UAE. A general POA gives the attorney broad powers to deal with purchases. A special POA provides the attorney with limited powers to act in certain specific situations. For a POA to be valid, it must fulfill specific legal requirements such as notarisation by the Notary Public in UAE. If the POA is granted outside of the UAE, it should be authenticated by the UAE Embassy and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Whether you require a power of attorney to sell a house or purchase residential property, our team is equipped at handling the process for you. The POA will cater to your needs and the type of activity you wish to conduct to ensure smooth operation. The POA contract can be as flexible as you want and you can determine what authorities to grant.
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