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Our team can provide specialist legal guidance related to property transactions for locals, foreigners, and expatriates alike.

The buying, selling, and renting of residential property is a big financial step for individuals. We provide the best lawyers for property transactions who ensure that the process is as seamless as possible. Expatriates and foreigners can either buy a leased property or a freehold property. Leasehold property grants the owner rights for a fixed period while a freehold property allows the owner unlimited rights without any time constraints. Lawyers for buying and selling residential property can assist you in the best type of property suited to your needs, whether off-plan or resale. The process of buying a property is different for different property types. We will take you through the entire process from negotiation, submission of the documents and payment.
We work with the best real estate law firm of expert property lawyers who can review and draft contracts for rental purposes and go over the mortgage process with you . We can negotiate on your behalf with the seller or purchaser, organise lease renewals as well as draft and amend long term lease agreements.
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