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The real estate market in UAE is thriving due to the high level of economic and commercial activity in the country. Being home to a large number of companies the UAE has a consistent demand for commercial property and construction projects. Companies in the UAE, can purchase and rent a variety of real estate options ranging from executive offices, office buildings, warehouses, and plots of land for construction. Commercial property law firms can help corporations make the right decisions. For individuals and companies looking to purchase property in the UAE there are two options available

  1. Resold – This type of property is already constructed by a developer
  2. Off-plan

A resold property has already been constructed by a developer or a contractor and is ready to use. This type of property may have been previously owned by a different owner and offers a convenient option for first time property owners who aim to buy for residential purposes. An off-plan property on the other hand is an unconstructed property that is bought for development or construction. While this type of property is definitely cheaper than a resold property it is not ready to use and requires substantial time and investment to make it ready to use.

We offer legal advice to a variety of clients, including corporations, developers, and contractors on all aspects of UAE Real Estate Law. We realize that commercial property involves high-value transactions and development projects; therefore, our team will take great care in ensuring that your real estate related matters are settled quickly and effectively.

We handle all commercial property transactions, lease agreements and construction projects for our clients. Our team can provide legal guidance regarding the intricacies of carrying out complex property transactions and development as well as prepare and review contracts. We also work with various commercial property law firms who can provide assistance in all property-related disputes. We make sure that our advice is strategic and pragmatic. Our team is fully equipped to represent your interests in all matters related to commercial property.

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