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Our expert can assist in creating sale-purchase agreements for a variety of clients.

A sale and purchase agreement is a binding contract between the buyer and seller detailing the terms and conditions of the purchase. Drafting of buying and selling agreements must be done meticulously and with great care. The Dubai Land Department provides three versions of a standard contract between seller and buyer, seller and broker and buyer and broker. These forms can be obtained by the Dubai Land Department and customised according to the client’s needs.
It is advisable for clients to work with a contract drafting law firm as the standard forms only provide the bare bones of the contract and can be useful for simple transactions. However, they are insufficient for more sophisticated transactions. When drafting property contracts, it is essential that all aspects are accounted for. There is much to be considered, such as deposits payable, escrow agreements, dealing with delays, dispute resolution process. We work with the best contract drafting legal consultants who provide comprehensive and customisable drafting services, so our clients’ interests are protected at all costs.
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