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Trademark Registration Services

Registering for a trademark can bring you one step closer to establishing your brand’s presence in the global market.

A trademark is a unique logo or symbol that represents a business and its products. It is advisable for companies to work with a law firm for trademark registration because it will make the entire process smooth and straightforward. Trademarks help companies establish their identity and brand image. They can also act as a valuable asset for the company by appreciating in value over the years; they do not expire and can make the hiring process easier for companies.
Our team will assist you through the requirements of trademark registration in Dubai. All trademarks must be unique to be registered. Our team can assist in conducting a prior trademark search in order to avoid conflict in the future. Trademarks are registered under the Ministry of Economy. They require several documents, such as the trademark logo, commercial license, and passport copies. At LegalWorks, we help our clients from the start to end of the registration process. Our team is experienced at local and international trademark registration.
We provide comprehensive trademark registration services for our clients

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